How to Have a Great Sense of Humor – And Make Others Want To Be With You

Do you often catch yourself not laughing at something the rest of your group finds funny? Are you not able to conjure up laughter from friends and colleagues at the workplace? There could be something wrong with your sense of humor. It’s too early to conclude, but your friends might be finding that being with you is a bore. If you think this applies to you, then you must do something about it now, before people start avoiding you at the lunch pantry or making up excuses not to sit with you on the poker table.Humor is one’s capacity to bring about feelings of merriment in other people. It is a well-entrenched aspect of entertainment and communication and is very normal to everyday life. A person with a great sense of humor can laugh by himself and elicit laughter from other people by using, among others, one’s experience, everyday situations, and funny devices as objects.A person exhibiting a great sense of humor is usually a fun person to be with. Sharing funny jokes and lifting the mood in any gathering serve as trademarks of those with fantastic jest meters. This is why more people prefer to be in their company. Anybody who welcomes the break from boredom and who craves for respite from the daily hustle and bustle of life will do well to nurture a great sense of humor. While a sense of humor can provide an aura of fellowship and sociability most of the time, it can, however, displace some people, particularly the sensitive ones, when not properly presented or manifested. The following are important tips to hone your sense of humor. Read on before you crack a joke.Start With Your EnvironmentFoster an atmosphere of humor in your life and relationships. Always direct attention to the amusing and hilarious aspects of your life. The laughter that these occurrences and things can bring will be your ticket to developing a greater sense of humor. Sooner or later, you will find out that you are capable of seeing humor in everything that you see and do.Be With the Right CrowdSo you do not laugh very much. In fact, you feel grumpy most of the time. However, you’ve heard about the many benefits of laughter; hence, you want to attain a great sense of humor. Begin sharpening your laugh factor by hanging around with people who are witty and humorous. As much as possible, always go to places where you and your friends can have amusement and fun.Timing Is Of the EssenceYou might sometimes feel that you are oozing with excellent sense of humor that you think you can breeze through any application as a clown in your local carnival. But if you pop out your funny side without considering the timing, you might end up like a self-indulged rock star without a fan. It is, therefore, important to pace yourself before sharing your sense of humor to other people. It is a good strategy to let someone else start clowning around before you stick in your own brand of funnies. This way, you are sure that everybody in your group is in the mood for fun.Use yourself as a Guinea PigThe safest way to infuse a joke is to aim the joke at yourself. This scheme will make sure that you do not hurt anybody’s feelings. If you cannot make fun of yourself in front of a group, try your best, instead, to make fun of the situations and the surroundings your group is in to avoid getting someone offended.Humor can influence many positive things in your life. But, above all, it certainly makes other people want to be with you. Learn to develop yours.